Features & Benefits


Manage all your collateral

With Binder, you can deliver PDFs, videos and web content to your team in the field, and update those files as regularly as you need too. Your team gets a notification every time a file is updated, and can instantly update those files.

Get your collateral into your clients hands

With Binder, every piece of collateral available to your staff can be sent directly to their customers, in the moment. You ensure customers get the information they need about your products.

Detailed analytics

Get the information you need to continually improve your sales process. By monitoring the ways in which your collateral is viewed and distributed, you can continually tweak your files to better educate your clients abut your products.

Benefits to your sales team:

Cloud Storage Access from !!

More Sales

Binder lets you show collateral fast. Forget about lost time looking for the right materials. Instantly access what customers need to see.

Send documents to customers & automatically track what works

Binder lets you tap and send all your collateral to your customers in the field. Don't leave your customers with more papers that they will simply throw away or lose - capture their enthusiasm for specific offerings by emailing the pieces of collateral that they need, as soon as they ask for them.

Keep up to date

No need to make sure you’ve got the new product information - Binder takes care of that. Spend time on what’s important: your customers.


Benefits to your organization:

Cloud Storage Access from !!

Keep Control of Your Collateral

Rest assured that the message being broadcast out by everyone on your sales team is the same.

Save Time & Money

Forget the hassle of tracking down what version everyone is working from, and eliminate printing costs at the same time.

Track, Analyze and Report

Binder automatically figures out who’s reading what AND what collateral brings in the most customers. Binder tracks your sales from lead to close.

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