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Sierra Wireless uses Binder to give their salespeople access to their large and frequently updated catalog of product PDFs and videos. Sierra Wireless also uses Binder to catalog their content by customer – making sure that the right information is always shown to the right customer.


We love the app and are extremely happy we have it as a resource. It makes our daily activities so much easier and leaves a greater impression with the reps we support.
Sales Staff, Sierra Wireless



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The Vancouver Hotel and Destination Association and Tourism Vancouver use Binder to keep their mobile trade show staff up to date with all the latest precise details and collateral about hotels and accommodations in beautiful British Columbia.

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Customer Service

Binder can help to standardize and streamline customer service in your organization. Give your team unparalelled access to current information about your products, and empower them with the ability to effectively pass that information on to your customers.

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