Interesting electronic projects I've worked on.

Client requested individual screen touch buttons. Due to physical setting screens needed to be wireless. Before the age of the iPod Touch. I recommended and used Nintendo DS, which I hacked. Had to code the network stack a bit. For condo display in Victoria, BC (Won Geek of Year hack contest as well).

Info wall had 7 monitors showing video, along with 9 light cubes. The video was synced with a custom mac app I wrote, which also made the light cubes change color constantly along with the mood of the video. Used an MIT light board for lighting control. Contributed back to open source project. For project in Vancouver, BC.

Project had 9 42" TV screens. Wrote C# code to sync video over 3 machines. Size of HD video was an issue. Project in Toronto.

Needed to individually control and light 20 foot model of tower. Got custom built hardware, which I specified firmware. Several miles of cabling. Project in LA.

Visitor used small touch screen to select Condo amenities area. Video of the amenity was shown on the big screen. The appropriate section of the model then lighted. Used Arduino boards & custom wrote Adobe Flash components. Project in Burnaby, BC.

As a hobby project I'm currently working on an electronized automated Lego City. It is not ready to show yet. For a longer term project I'm working on an bluetooth arduino sound wall.